Who can learn pet first aid?

Pet first aid is available for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge on caring for pets.

It is open to anyone, of any age, culture or educational background.

As well as pet owners, pet first aid qualifications should be held by those working in the pet care industry, such as; kennel and cattery workers, pet sitters, pet shop workers, breeders and groomers.

Pet first aid is also beneficial for volunteers in rescue centres or if you are interested in pursuing a career with animals.

Of course do your research and find out which course would suit your study needs best, e.g. online or face-to-face, and which course provides the best quality and up-to-date information that covers CPR, emergency and common accidents.

There should be no pre-requisites to learning pet first aid, the only things you need to have are a love of pets, a computer, iPad or similar and access to the internet.

The main thing is to ensure the course you enrol in provides personal support, offering you ways where you can easily contact someone if you have any questions.


Pet first aid isn’t a substitute for veterinary care. It allows you to provide first responder support until professional veterinarian care is found. If you’re interested click here to find out more about enrolling in FurKids First Aid.

Who can learn pet first aid?