Canine Massage Therapy

Canine Massage

Introduction to Canine Massage Course

Massage is extremely beneficial to dogs recovering from injury, or senior dogs suffering from age related conditions. It has also been proven to assist dogs suffering stress-related anxiety. 

Our introductory course will provide you with therapeutic massage skills and knowledge that you can use on your own dog – ensuring your best friend enjoys all life has to offer.

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Canine Massage


Canine Myo-Functional Therapy (CMFT) is a holistic hands on therapy to assist in injury and post surgical canine rehabilitation helping your pet to recover.

Massage has a deep overall effect on animals and assists the release of contracted fibers that resist movement. The reduction of tension and enhanced circulation affects the entire body which includes organs, nerves and muscles.

Canine Myo-Functional Massage Therapy assists with numerous health, behaviour and injury issues, improving recovery, while reducing pain and stress.

Canine Massage
Canine Massage

About This Course

Qualified Trainer

Your trainer Dr Lorraine O’Neill is a Canine Myo-Functional Therapist with over 30 years working in the animal/veterinary fields.

Training Options

Training can be done one-on-one, group or online.

Treat Your Own Pet

Find out how the therapy sessions can focus on your own dogs needs directly.

Boost Your Business

Offering a relaxing massage after a grooming session or help de-stress rescue dogs in your care could boost your pricing and attract new clients.